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Parents & Carers at Allens

We offer a modern parents package that removes the distinction between primary and secondary carers.

We all have lives and roles we play outside of work. And one of the biggest roles our people play outside of work is caring for others. We are proud to offer support for working parents and those with caring responsibilities. As a working parent at Allens, you'll have access to a modern parental leave policy to help you balance work and family. 

A snapshot of Allens Australia parental leave package: 

  1. A modern parental leave policy that removes the distinction between primary and non-primary carers, and allows employees to take leave at the same time as their partner
  2. 26 weeks paid parental leave
  3. Superannuation on the unpaid component of parental leave (up to a maximum of 26 weeks)
  4. Two years to access paid parental leave and flexibility in the way this leave is structured
  5. Personalised support through all stages of the parental leave journey, including 1:1 coaching with a specialist provider
  6. A formal, temporary break from billable expectations for legal employees returning from mid- to long-term parental leave
  7. Eligibility for all permanent employees with no qualifying period to access the package

Though our Australia parental leave package, we aim to have more men taking part in longer-term parental leave, normalise caring behaviour and responsibilities, and create visible role models.

Stories from our people: Challenging the status quo to create a more inclusive world.

Patrick Boyle is a Senior Associate in our Funds, Superannuation and Wealth team, who took six months of parental leave to care for his daughter Harriet.

“Taking parental leave was never a difficult decision for me. I did not feel that I was challenging stereotypes or perceptions; I just wanted to spend time with my daughter. However, I'd be thrilled to think my decision to take parental leave encourages others to do the same."

"Nothing anyone can say will prepare you for parenthood. I had thought that the long and unpredictable hours of my job would acclimate me but I've never been so tired or drained. Before having Harriet, I had no real appreciation for the struggle of balancing work and family and no understanding of the constant anxiety that you are failing at both. I have never felt so keenly the need for flexibility in the workplace. I returned to Allens in January with considerably more grey hair and a lot more empathy." 

You can learn more about Patrick's story here

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