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Cultural & Linguistic Diversity at Allens

As a team, we have many different stories, but we stand side-by-side in delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients and communities.

We see enormous strength in the unique backgrounds and life experiences people bring to our firm. We promote cultural diversity and inclusion that is representative and reflective of our people and clients and Australia's diverse society.

Our inclusive and diverse culture is one that:

  • Invites and values diverse people, thinking, approaches and experiences
  • Provides equitable access to resources and opportunities
  • Empowers people to actively engage and contribute
  • Seeks collective input and ownership
  • Purposely fosters safety and belonging
  • Supports people to do their best work

Our Cultural Awareness Network

Our Cultural Awareness Network (CAN) aims to connect culturally and linguistically diverse colleagues at Allens and equip everyone with the tools, awareness and information on how to meaningfully engage and connect with culturally diverse people, including clients and the wider community.

Stories from our people: Keerthi Ravi

Keerthi Ravi is a Senior Associate specialising in regulatory investigations and complex commercial disputes relating to the financial services sector.

"Allens recognises and values the importance of all the skills that make a great lawyer – communication, creativity, the ability to make and deepen connections – many of which I've developed as a result of my diverse experiences and mentoring support I've been exposed to over my career.

Many women from diverse backgrounds will have built critical skills through their life experience that will benefit them in a legal career. I've seen how the right support and networks can help people to recognise the valuable skills and experiences they bring to the table like resilience, integrity and a hard work ethic, and develop the confidence to back themselves. It's my hope that, in building the networks and confidence of more diverse women, our profession will reap the rewards of the incredible contribution they can make." 

You can learn more about Keerthi's career journey here.

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