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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders at Allens

We have a long and proud heritage of supporting First Nations peoples' inclusion.

We have a long and proud heritage of supporting First Nations peoples' inclusion and using our influence as a leader in the legal profession to make a meaningful contribution towards reconciliation within our communities and our country. 

We work with our people to create a culture of respect and understanding of First Nations people by fostering engagement in reconciliation issues and creating opportunities for collaboration and dialogue.

  • First Nations Engagement Plan: We recently launched our First Nations Engagement Plan, building on the momentum of the five Reconciliation Plans we have had over the past 13 years.  This plan identifies three key pathways through which we can support reconciliation: pathways to justice, pathways to economic engagement, and pathways to understanding.
  • First Nations Internship: Through our First Nations Legal Internship Program, more than 140 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander law students have taken up the opportunity to experience life at a commercial law firm.
  • Reconciliation Action Mentoring Program: This program connects First Nations law students with Allens lawyers and law graduates in our Brisbane office.

First Nations Partnerships

We're proud to partner with First Nations organisations and Aboriginal legal services across the country to provide free legal assistance in support of First Nations justice and human rights. Some of our key partnerships include: 

  • Jawun: We share knowledge and skills with Indigenous communities in Inner Sydney, Goulburn Murray and North East Arnhem Land through our partnership with Jawun and Empowered Communities.
  • Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF): Through our partnership with AIEF, we provide pro bono legal support, mentorship, training sessions and work experience opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • Supply Nation: We're a founding member of Supply Nation, which provides a national directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

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