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PwC Australia Graduate Programs & Internships

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At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. In our increasingly complex world, we work with businesses, government and the community to deliver solutions and sustained outcomes to help Australia continue to thrive and grow.

We’re a network of firms in 152 countries with over 328,000 people. PwC is one of the top 50 brands worldwide and PwC Australia is among LinkedIn’s top companies that Australians want to work for.

We are a team of more than 9,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services to more than 5,000 clients across Australia.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and social impact is bold. And we empower our people in upskilling, flexible working and pursuing their passions.

We don’t see change as chaos – but as the chance to do something great.

Our community of solvers is driven by purpose. We’re passionate, diverse people who come together in unexpected ways to untangle the world’s most important problems.

Our programs

Explore our student and graduate programs and discover how you can create your career with us:

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program isn't just a place to launch your career, it's a place to solve real problems. Problems like digitising healthcare, tackling societal inequality, helping to grow sustainable infrastructure and building secure and safe digital societies. And with problems as diverse as these, you'll get to use your degree in ways you never expected.

  • Solve smarter with world class-training and development
    From "The Outside" (PwC's corporate Coachella) to the 4,000 course-strong PwC Academy, your learning won't stop. Here, we want you to grow. So we invest in your development to solve for today and tomorrow.
  • Solve bigger when you know we've got your back
    We have great leaders. And they always have your back, so you can get on with making an impact. With supportive colleagues and a global network of knowledge, the sky really is the limit.
  • Solve better when you know where you’re headed
    ​You know where you want to go. And we love that. That's why we have clear pathways for advancement. 
    With a promotion cycle every six months and firm-wide transparency on salaries, superannuation and bonuses, you'll always know where you stand. And where you're going.

If you’re in your final year of study or have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, our Graduate Program offers you a full-time placement at PwC. Accelerate your career by tackling challenges with some of the largest organisations within Australia, helping fight inequality, develop sustainable infrastructures and build financial trust in the economy.

What do we look for in our graduates?

  • A problem-solving mindset
  • A collaborative approach to work
  • Keen to make a difference

Streams Available

From tax and audit to people experience and energy transition, there are over 60 teams to pick from when you apply to the PwC graduate program! Not sure where to start? Check out our solver quiz to see where you might fit best.

Key Dates
Applications Open: Monday, Feb. 20, 2023
Applications Close: Friday, March 17, 2023 at 11:59 PM AEST

Vacation Program

Our Vacation Program could be the first step on your career path. The best part about taking your first step with us is that we truly want you to succeed! With market-leading industry experience and world-class learning, a summer (or winter) spent at PwC can set you up for an exciting future inside or outside our walls!

If you’re in your second last (or penultimate) year of an undergraduate or post-graduate degree, our Vacation Program offers you valuable career experience at the heart of our business. The program runs over three (3) to eight (8) weeks (length will vary across our offices) and includes full-time work experience during the university break.

Streams Available

From tax and audit to people experience and energy transition, there are over 60 teams to pick from when you apply to the PwC graduate program! Not sure where to start? Check out our solver quiz to see where you might fit best.

Key Dates
Applications Open: Monday, Feb. 20, 2023
Applications Close: Friday, March 17, 2023 at 11:59 PM AEST

Trainee Program

As a Trainee, you'll embark on a three-year journey of combined work and study with PwC. You'll join us as a full-time employee while you study part-time for two (2) years. You will take a break from full-time work to complete your degree in the third year!

Balance is important. That's why you'll receive one (1) day of paid study while you work four days a week! This means you’ll receive a full-time salary while you study! As a trainee, you’ll combine your university studies with work experience to build the perfect foundation for your career, all while receiving professional and financial support in a full-time paid role.

Our Trainee program offers mentoring, training and networking opportunities with real career experience. You’ll work alongside industry leaders who are experts in their field and passionate about their work. With the vast array of projects, clients and practices at our firm, there is an opportunity to learn and grow in any area you choose.

Legal Clerkship 
Are you passionate about creating meaningful change through legal services? Well, you're in good company with PwC's legal practice. We're leading the transformation of legal services and reimagining the impact they can have.

We're excited to be investing into our legal offerings, both for our clients and for students with legal backgrounds. We offer a Legal Clerkship and a Graduate Program for law students in our Melbourne and Sydney offices. Through both programs, you'll gain the opportunity to work on a wide range of matters across different legal and business specialist teams.

Key Dates
All dates align with Victoria and NSW Law Societies’ timelines.

Higher Apprenticeship Program

As a Higher Apprentice, you’ll embark on a two-year journey of combined work and study with PwC. Apprentices will have the opportunity to obtain two VET (Vocational education and training) qualifications in Information Technology (IT), earning the Certificate IV followed by a Diploma.

Experts will coach you in their field. You'll learn in a hands-on environment, forming relationships that will set you apart. You'll tackle varied, challenging work with a tangible impact on the community and business world.

Once you complete the Higher Apprenticeship program, you’ll have the chance to join our Graduate program and continue growing at PwC. In 2022, 90% of the Higher Apprentices were offered graduate roles.

First Nations Internship

Our Internship for First Nations students is an opportunity to gain industry work experience whilst you’re still studying. This is your chance to take part in the important work we do and discover how we solve problems with our collaborative approach. You’ll work on client engagements, attend networking events to build business relationships and take part in projects that are making an impact and building trust in society

Joining the Firm as part of a cohort, our internships allow you to enhance your skills complementing your studies and be on a pathway to potentially join our Graduate Program. No matter what degree you are studying or what year you are in, our Internships offer you valuable career experience at the heart of our business.

Our culture

Culture is what happens when your values drive your behaviours. Culture is the name we give to the expectations, etiquette and energy that permeates a group of people. And here, within the community of solvers across our organisation, we've built an enviable culture of candour, respect and trust.

To be a part of PwC means to join a culture that recognises and accepts your innate humanity, trusts you to know where the boundaries are and encourages you to deliver human-led solutions for human-based problems. 

  • Care 
    Care is more than just benefits like wellness days and perks. It's about being surrounded by people who want to invest in you. Sometimes, it's the small things like our open-plan offices where you can sit next to partners, interns, or anyone. Or our 'Dress for Your Day' culture, so you can express yourself in style. And sometimes it's big things, like the care provided by your leaders and colleagues. We have team leaders who care deeply about your goals and help you hit that next career milestone.
  • Working Together
    To solve important problems, we need to aim to include our diverse talent. We empower our people to use their creativity, authenticity and human differences to be champions of change. We know that when people from diverse backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value for our clients, people, and society.
  • Reimagine the Possible
    The future of work is changing. We want to make our offices a place of connection for our community. Our offices are a place to connect and collaborate - with each other and our clients. When you work from our offices, we want you to feel energised and enabled, with access to the suitable spaces and tools to do your job and come together with your PwC colleagues and your clients.
  • Make a Difference
    We encourage our people to amplify the work and build the capacity of not-for-profits and social enterprises. Our people can create social impact through various programs, including flexible community and skilled volunteering/mentoring, workplace giving, pro/low bono engagements, social impact fellowships, joining a not-for-profit board and being a Social Impact Champion. If there's a cause you care about, we empower you to make a difference!
  • Act with Integrity
    We are at our best when we have people from diverse backgrounds and with different points of view work together. Our diversity and inclusion plan embeds the right behaviours to build a truly diverse and inclusive culture. Building on the progress we have made, our latest plan details how we will embed diversity, inclusion and well-being into everything we do so we create an environment where everyone belongs. Because a culture of belonging is crucial to enable individual well-being to thrive.

Our benefits

Wellness Benefit

We think that investing in your mental health is both important and personal. We’ll give you $295 a year to spend on items or activities that support your wellness, whatever that might be

Lifestyle Benefit

New shoes? A standing desk? Board games for the family? Finding balance can be tricky. Here, you can spend up to $205 a year on things that will help support your balanced lifestyle.

Together Anywhere

With lockdowns ending and borders opening, we know flexibility is now the norm. We’re hearing loud and clear that our people would like to combine work with travel to spend time with family and friends within Australia and overseas. Our new Together Anywhere program will let you work up to 4 weeks remotely in Australia or overseas. *Subject to certain working rights. 

Dress For Your Day

Our diversity is our greatest asset, and it comes in many forms. Our choice of dress is a part of how we express ourselves. Our most important job at PwC is to delight our clients, challenge ourselves, and learn new things. When you wake up each day, consider the day of work ahead. What will you be doing? Where will you be? Who will you be with? You might choose a suit, some jeans or something else – we trust you to choose clothes that best represent yourself and the PwC brand that day.

Floating Public Holidays

You’re unique. And your public holidays should suit you. You can work on all national or state public holidays and swap them for other days that may better serve your cultural, religious or individual preferences.

Parental Leave

Becoming a parent is unforgettable. We don't want you to miss a moment of it. Our Parental Leave Policy includes 26 weeks with enhancements to support parents returning to work. Either carer can take parental leave until a child is two years of age. So more non-birth parents can take 26 weeks of parental leave flexibly and without minimum service requirements.

Explore more perks (plus free barista-made coffee and biccies) on our benefits page

What’s important to us

We are committed to addressing inequality in our workplace - it’s a commitment we make from the top down and bottom up. While we are making progress, there is still much more work to be done. We want everyone at work to have equal access to opportunities and to reach their full potential which is why we have introduced targeted interventions to address this.

Established under our Belonging strategy, our 2025 DI&W targets include:

  • 40% of all partners are women
  • 20-25% of of all partners are from a non-European diverse cultural background
  • 10% people with disability
  • 8% LGBTIQ+ representation
  • 2% First Nations peoples
  • 80% of people have meaningful conversations about managing their wellbeing

Targets alone can be a blunt instrument but when coupled with a plan to build greater inclusivity they can deliver powerful results. We have already introduced and will continue to introduce a range of interventions - including policies, processes and training - to support our targets and to build an environment where all our people feel they belong. 

"Our people are at the centre of everything we do and we want to ensure everyone is able to reach their full potential. Providing an environment where everyone feels they belong is essential to ensuring everyone is productive, motivated and engaged." - Tom Seymour, CEO of PwC Australia

Our commitment to wellbeing

Be Well is our employee led network that provides activities, initiatives and a place for connection which bring to life the important message Be Well, Work Well. The network aims to inspire a workforce which understands the role health and wellbeing plays in team culture and performance.

“I have always experienced anxiety in my life, and when starting at PwC - I was comforted to know about the BeWell community. From day one, it was great to find others that I could come to for support, especially as a grad at a big firm! BeWell have also supported me to heighten the focus on wellbeing in my team with regular information to share - it's so easy to get lost in the busy times of work, and I am always supported to prioritise self care in our fast-paced firm everyday but also through policies like our Wellness Benefit Policy and our Balanced Lifestyle Benefit Policy.”

Firmwide policies that support Wellbeing:

  • Green Light to Talk Program - Mental health is an issue that touches so many of us. Positive mental health begins with an open culture where we can all feel comfortable talking about it. We’re proud to be part of Green Light to Talk, a movement that began in our U.K. firm. The movement is all about dialling up our dialogue around mental well-being.
  • Psychological Wellbeing Service - Life has its ups and downs. We get that. We have our free-of-charge, confidential coaching and psychological well-being service for you and your immediate family members. The C.A.R.E. Program aims to provide an avenue for our employees and their immediate family members to access confidential counselling & advice to assist them when they experience stressful events, times, or situations or deal with overwhelming emotions.
  • Gym & Fitness Discounts - Whether you have a goal of running a marathon or just want to dip your toe into fitness, we support you! With our incredible fitness and gym partners, you can save money and look after yourself!

Our actions for a more sustainable future

We have a long-held commitment to managing our impact on the environment and supporting environmental sustainability. That is why we’ve made a worldwide commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, in line with a 1.5°C pathway to mitigate the most severe impacts of climate change. 

Our commitment is focussed on driving progress across four pillars: operations, supply chain, clients and climate agenda. Learn more about our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our highlights in FY22

  • Achieved our goal to transition to 100% renewable electricity in all of our Australian offices, in line with our global membership of RE100.
  • Continued certification as a Climate Active carbon neutral organisation and a selection of our people became Climate Active registered consultants to support our clients to achieve their own carbon neutral ambitions.
  • Achieved certification as a bronze-level Carbon Literate Organisation by the Carbon Literacy Project.
  • Achieved 60% growth in membership of our Green Team (from 250 members in FY21 to 400 members in FY22), which is a passionate and engaged people network focused on driving sustainable behaviour change.
  • Engaged some of our key suppliers in discussions about sustainability and how we could collaborate to reduce our collective emissions impact and developed a new sustainable supply chain strategy.
  • Launched a new Energy Transition business on 1 July 2022 to support clients in their decarbonisation journey, bringing together expertise from across the firm in one team.
  • As a global PwC network we joined Carbon Call, a group of leading organisations committed to developing more comprehensive and integrated carbon accounting solutions.

We’ve made progress against our net zero commitment in recent years, but there’s still more we need to do. 

Our priorities for the coming year include implementing continuous improvements to our measurement and disclosure activities, managing our business travel impact through a focus on behavioural transformation, and continuing to purchase high-quality carbon credits to offset our emissions.

We will also continue to engage with suppliers on our environmental commitments; incorporate a climate lens into strategy, governance and risk decisions; and communicate with our people to build on our culture of care for our planet and natural resources.

Recruitment Process

The Hiring Process

  1. Online Application
    Prepare to apply by finding where your skills fit and familiarising yourself with how we hire. We'll be assessing applications immediately and progressing candidates who meet the program eligibility criteria to the online assessment and digital interview. All applications will be reviewed.
  2. Digital Interview & Online Assessment
    This is the stage where we get to know you better and you to learn a little more about yourself!  Your digital interview is your chance to bring your application to life. You'll be asked questions that will help us get to know you better and understand why you're interested in creating a career with us.

    For your online gamified assessment, you'll play a series of games designed to help us learn more about your strengths and to see if you're a good fit for the area you've applied to. This should take around 45 minutes to complete.
  3. Solution Lab (Assessment Centres) 
    This is where you get to put your problem-solving skills to the test! 

    As a part of a group, you’ll complete a case study assessment with a senior business representative from your chosen business area, and also a recent graduate from that team to share their experience - we will give you some tips on how to prepare for this when we invite you to complete it. 
  4. Interview 
    This is the last step! Hooray! 

    The final part of our hiring process is a final interview with a Partner from the business area you are interested in joining. Again, this is a two-way process - so come prepared with some questions to ask whilst you have this time with the most senior leaders of PwC!

What do we look for in our future grads or vacationers?

  • A problem-solving mindset
  • A collaborative approach to work
  • Keen to make a difference

Remuneration & Career Growth

PwC offers grads a salary that is competitive with industry standards. As an entry-level employee, it is all about gaining experience to start but once you ascend to more senior positions, you will have further opportunities to be rewarded for your performance through salary increases, bonuses and other incentive schemes.

Benefits include discounts on everything from phone plans to gym membership, study support, and overseas secondments. Some of the best perks are a flexible work culture, no dress code and free coffee. As a member of the Social Club, you can also snap up discounted movie, entertainment and sporting tickets and as well as a spectrum of other party and retail discounts.

PwC offers all graduates a competitive starting salary package with the opportunity for yearly bonuses. 

Graduate Reviews

Overall Score
Overall score based on 36 reviews
They Score Best in…
Office Work Environment
Office Work Environment
What Graduates Say About Them
  • Hands down the people - PwC has such a culture that is unique compared to all other companies I interned at within the industry. I have been so lucky to have the most supportive team and make some lifelong friends so early in my career. I also love how much they support building the culture with social events - whether they be games nights, or simply drinks after work.
  • Work flexibility and free coffees. As well as the never-ending possibilities to expand my career.
  • Really steep learning curve, sophisticated training programs, and making friends when we joined the firm as a batch.
  • I really enjoy the culture of PwC. I feel that PwC is a supportive environment and I have been able to engage with lots of extra-curriculars during my time at PwC.
  • I am empowered to create a positive impact on my clients through the firm's collaborative working culture.
  • Gets really busy when the busy season comes.
  • Not all engagements are managed well
  • Probably the worst thing would be the cyclical nature of auditing (not really a company thing). Sometimes it can be a bit boring during the quieter periods.
  • During the busy season, working long hours however the team is always very supportive.
  • Personally, I've found that there are too many meetings both firm and team-based where that time could have been better spent

Jobs & Opportunities

Locations With Jobs & Opportunities
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Current Jobs & Opportunities

Graduate Job

Australia Wide
Join our Student and Graduate talent community!
Applications Close
31 Dec 2023
Start Date
8 Jan 2024
AUD 69,000 - 75,000

Virtual Experience

This Virtual Experience is a short 6 hour online program developed by PwC to provide you with a teaser of life as a graduate position in their workplace.


Meet our grad, Charlotte

Meet our Consulting grad, Charlotte.

Digital interview

Here are some tips on completing your digital interview.

Meet our grad, Charlotte

Meet our Consulting grad, Charlotte.

Digital interview

Here are some tips on completing your digital interview.


How do I get into the PwC graduate program?

Having really strong communication and relationship building skills is all really key because...

How do I get an internship with PwC?

Your willingness to learn and keenness to be at PwC really come into play and will help you land a vacation or internship role with us.

How do I get into the PwC graduate program?

Having really strong communication and relationship building skills is all really key because...

How do I get an internship with PwC?

Your willingness to learn and keenness to be at PwC really come into play and will help you land a vacation or internship role with us.