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How do I get into the PwC graduate program?

Kate Le Pontois

Early Careers Attraction & Engagement Senior Consultant

We look for students from all backgrounds and degrees for our graduate and vacation programs. PwC is a massive organisation and we have opportunities pretty much for everyone, from whether you're studying health at uni to IT, finance, accounting... Whatever it might be!

For our grad program, we're looking for final year students or graduates who have working rights in Australia. At the early stages of the recruitment process when you're looking to apply at PwC, it's really important that you highlight any work experience or any unique life experiences you might have which sets you apart from other candidates. It's also important to demonstrate your genuine interest in PwC, your eagerness to be there, and your willingness to learn and work hard. When meeting with representatives from PwC, you should show you've done your research on the firm and the industry you're applying to. Having really strong communication and relationship building skills is all really key because at the end of the day, the teams and people at PwC don't expect you to have too much experience or any at all, so we're really looking for people who are easy to get along with and willing to learn the technical side of thing we can teach you on the job.

There are a lot of different things on how to get into a grad program at PwC so you definitely don't need to tick every single box or fit that cookie cutter mould. Like we said, we recruit people from a broad range of backgrounds which is what makes PwC unique. Just take some time to reflect on what your strengths are, what you have to offer, and make sure you're bringing that to life in the recruitment process.

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