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How do I get an internship with PwC?

Kate Le Pontois

Early Careers Attraction & Engagement Senior Consultant

All the things mentioned on how to get a graduate role with us tend to apply to how to get in the vacation program or internship. The structure of our vacation and internship programs are a little bit different. Whereas the grad program is a full-time and permanent role, our vacation/internship programs are short stints throughout the year.

Our vacation and internship programs are open to penultimate year students and run for 4-6 weeks over the summer or winter uni breaks; but the teams are really flexible and open to working around your situation and what your availability looks like over the uni holidays.

Your willingness to learn and keenness to be at PwC really come into play and will help you land a vacation or internship role with us. If you're a successful applicant, demonstrate what you can do and with the hope that you had a good time and we enjoyed working with you, you can land a graduate or permanent role from there.

At the end of the day, vacation and internship programs are just a really great experience to get that exposure and get a feel of what it's like working at PwC. You'll get to understand whether the area you had in mind and thought that's where you wanted to pursue your career in is right for you. We've also had some interns who complete an internship, but realised that the area is actually not for them and want to try out a different team, so there's always an opportunity to come back as an intern later in the year in a different team. Overall, we look for those students who are really keen to work hard and take advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as they can.

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