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5 insider tips to land a graduate job with WSP Australia

Vanessa Tobias

Careers Commentator
Attention all engineering graduates ready to make a difference in the world! Do you want to play a role in delivering solutions to challenges the world is facing involving urbanisation, demographic shifts, climate change, automation, technology, and more? Do you want to begin your new career learning from a passionate team of experts, collaborating to improve the communities of the future?

If you have world-class talent, unconventional thinking and the ability to tackle complex problems, then a career at WSP, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services firms, is the platform you need to succeed in your professional goals.

By joining one of the 47,000 talented staff in one of 500 offices across 40 countries, you’ll be working on stimulating projects with the highest level of clients. You will be exposed to endless opportunities and experiences using new ideas, innovation and technology.

WSP offers internships and graduate roles all around Australia. While the recruitment process is vigorous, we have talented grads who have landed positions with WSP and want to help you do the same. Here are their hottest insider tips.

1. Be proactive, now

WSP does have a structured recruitment process, however, they’re known for going rogue and recruiting through other means. There are several cases where grads have secured employment through direct contact, meeting someone at a networking event or being recommended by a third party.

If you have your sights set on a career with WSP, then don't wait for something to come to you. Be proactive by attending industry-related or networking events, reach out to your circle to make new connections and keep up-to-date with what they are doing on their website.

“Met someone at a networking event. Had an interview a few days later. Started a few days after that.”

– Graduate, Sydney

“When I was interviewed it was part of the small business (when Windward Structures just got bought out by WSP/PB. So I was good friends with a senior work colleague, so he set up an interview with the directors of the company (Structures), and so got in that way. Many people were hired around my time.”

– Graduate, Melbourne

“I applied for a graduate role in a different area and when I followed up with the recruiter he put me in touch with my future manager. I got a face-to-face interview and was hired soon after.”

– Graduate, Canberra

2. Go all-in with your LinkedIn profile

Before applying for a graduate role or internship with WSP, improve your LinkedIn page. Many grads have successfully secured positions directly through the WSP LinkedIn profile and jobs are often advertised there directly. They are also big on networking, and if you have any contacts there currently, LinkedIn is a great place to start fostering new business relationships.

Ensure your skills and experience are up-to-date. Create bold headlines, join groups, refresh recommendations, market yourself and take time to network with others on the platform. Taking the initiative to reach out before the recruitment process, could be the difference in landing a role in the future.  

“Applied through LinkedIn. Attended graduate open night. Created video about myself and submitted with resume, [then] interview.”

– Graduate, Brisbane

“Be yourself, that is what is encouraged at the company. Know what projects we are working on and have an up to date LinkedIn.”

– Graduate, Sydney

3. Lights, camera, action!

The most common way to secure a grad role is to land an internship, then impress your supervisors enough to be offered full-time employment. For internship applications, you’ll have to jump on their site to see what's available, submit your resume and academic transcript, complete an online psychometric assessment and create a two-step video to introduce yourself.

This is a great opening to sell yourself and demonstrate your communication abilities. Start by creating a script that includes your elevator pitch, achievements, skills and experience. And make sure you show off a bit of personality. Practice before filming and only submit it when you’re confident you’re demonstrating the best version of you.

“LOVED creating my 2 steps ahead video. The traditional resume and cover letter approach is so outdated. The 2 steps ahead video enabled me to show my true character.”

– Graduate, Melbourne

“I was required to create a 30 second video; then attend an interview.”

– Graduate, Brisbane

4. Focus on teamwork

Through your research of WSP and their company values and culture, words like collective, collaboration and teamwork appear frequently - there’s a reason for it. Whilst they employ thousands of professionals around the globe, their team is built on the strength of their people, and their ability to work together to uphold their collective vision and beliefs.

During the recruitment process consider these values in all you do. Prepare for your interview by considering behavioural responses that highlight situations where you’ve thrived in a team environment and how working collectively helped you overcome challenges.

“Try and pitch yourself as somebody someone would want to work with. The most technically skilled person may not be able to work with others or approach a problem creatively, and therefore won't be as much of an asset to the company as someone who is more collaborative and open with their ideas.”

– Graduate, Sydney

5. Join for the right reasons

If you want to work on major projects with clients you could only dream of and be at the forefront of innovation in a diverse company, then WSP is the place for you. Be sure to join for the right reasons - education and experience - not just salary.

Extra perks include the opportunity to work interstate or overseas, with your relocations costs covered, and WSP Australia has an active social committee.

“Everyone is very social and we work together as one large whole-office team. Everyone helps each other out where necessary.”

– Graduate, Canberra

“I am not at work for the money but for the education. I am not familiar with bonuses however believe they are rewarded where required.”

– Graduate, Sydney

“The company has [an] extensive training program it is almost impossible to list them all. I am constantly learning everyday.”

– Graduate, Canberra

“I went through the graduate development conference which has been very eye opening and beneficial.”

– Graduate, Auckland

For more insider info about how to land the graduate role of your dreams at WSP, head to our GradAustralia WSP Page. Our graduates share a wealth of knowledge, not just about the recruitment process, but about daily life at one of the world’s leading engineering professional services firms.