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Cultural & Linguistic Diversity at Nous Group

We take pride in the inclusive workplace we have built, recognised by Nous’ Inclusive Employer 2021-2022 award by Diversity Council Australia.

Being named an Inclusive Employer 2021-2022 by the Diversity Council Australia, reflects both the diversity of people and the supportive people, culture and policies that have made Nous Group an inclusive environment. 

Nous celebrates the diversity of their workforce. Celebrating the benefits this brings to Nousers’ experiences and in facilitating high performance and creativity for their clients – whether it be diversity in gender, sexual orientation, age, cultural background, national origin, disability, faith, education, family structures, socio-economic background, neurodiversity and more.

We acknowledge that people have different experiences, and some people navigate (often unseen) barriers, unconscious bias and intersectional experiences. Equity, diversity and inclusion is essential to a just and equitable society and to the experience and performance of individuals at Nous and all workplaces.

Nous' goal to be an inclusive, equitable workplace that celebrates the diversity and value of all Nousers and meets the diverse needs of clients. They have a strong foundation to continuing equity, diversity and inclusion efforts and continue to challenge all Nousers to contribute to the equity, diversity and inclusion journey as an organisation.