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Melissa Joseph

6.30 AM

My alarm goes off at 6.30 am and I have just under an hour to get ready and arrive at my station to make it to the 7.15 AM train. It is a 48-minute train ride to the Flinders Street and a 5-minute tram ride to the office. While on the train I utilise my time to keep me up to date with the news and my socials.

Melissa on the way to work

8.45 AM

I reach the Rialto building and take the lift to the 28th floor. As soon as I get to the office I make myself my morning coffee/tea. While at my desk I check my emails and my calendar in order to prepare me for the day. I take special note of any graduate training that I may have for the day.

Melissa's morning tea

9.00 AM

I begin a tax return for a family running a trust business structure, this is of high priority for the day. I had to generate the financial report and complete a trust tax return and individual returns for 4 family members. I use the various application systems in order to input details and generate a summary income tax return. I also compile any specific questions in relation to the return so that I can consult my buddy in charge for any clarifications in relation to the task.

Melissa checking emails

11.00 AM

I make a phone call to the Australian Taxation Office in relation to a potential overpayment made by a client for a sum of Goods and Services Tax. After providing the officer with relevant information and background to the issue, she clarified that a refund of the client’s overpayment can be provided. I drafted an email for the client assuring them that a refund is on their way.

Melissa consulting a colleague

1.00 PM

It is finally lunch time, so I meet my fellow graduates to head to our usual food court down Collins Street. The food court is filled with range of cuisines and we are always spoilt for choice, so we usually alternate between our favourites.

Melissa generating a financial report

2.00 PM

I head back to the office and attend a work flow meeting with my manager in order to discuss the order of priority in which work needs to be completed for the rest of the week. My manager provides a brief introduction in to the client’s needs and requirements and distributes the work among the stream.

Melissa heading out for lunch with colleagues

2.30 PM

I attend a graduate training session along with other graduates of 2019. Today’s training is a background on excel practical applications in order to enhance the process of work paper management. This training was delivered by a team manager who shared his expertise in how to efficiently use different excel functions in order to simplify the work paper process.

5.15 PM

The graduates within my team organised to meet for an early dinner at Munich in Southwharf, this gave us a chance to get to know each other outside work and discuss our progress as new graduates.

7.00 PM

I catch the train from Flinders Street station to head back home so that I can unwind, make some dinner and rest well for tomorrow. 

Melissa heading home