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Loredana Perris

Loredana Perri studied a Bachelor of Information Technology at La Trobe University and is now a Digital Graduate at Coles.

6.30 AM

My alarm wakes me up and I have my routine that ensures I’m out of the house by 7.33 am (exactly!) A half hour drive (depending on traffic) gets me to the office, where I buzz into our multi-level carpark, parking in the same spot every day – one less thing to remember!

8.30 AM

I’m down in The Hub – the in-house Coles food court – with my usual morning coffee companion for a soy cappuccino followed by a bowl of vanilla porridge with banana to get fuelled and ready for the day.

9.00 AM

Now that I’m caffeinated and fed, I attend the daily stand-up with my team – the Liquor Technology Team. We do this every morning to talk about what we achieved yesterday along with our priorities for the day. This time allows us to be transparent with the team on what we are involved in, be clear about our capacity and call out for help with blockers or extra assistance and guidance we may need.

9.30 AM

Time for the Weekly Initiative Review – the place where I get to hear about all the new initiatives and major projects that are kicking off across Technology and understand any platform dependencies or things that might impact Liquor projects, and get a view on Digital’s main focuses. 

10.30 AM

I spend most of my morning engaging with business stakeholders. I have a couple of meetings with key people from different teams to understand what they are trying to achieve, and to gather their requirements so that I can translate this into system requirements. Currently, I’m involved in a program of work which is focusing on how technology can make our team members and customers lives easier, through upgrading and strengthening some of our systems, so the opportunities are massive!

12.00 PM

I meet with one of our software vendors to review their product roadmap, and to discuss potential solutions to some of the requirements I was talking to my business colleagues about earlier.

Coles Loredana Perris during a meeting

12.30 PM

Lunch time! Most days I bring food, but today I head down to The Hub to check out what is being made at the live cooking station (hoping that it’s the laksa noodles). On a sunny day, I head out to the courtyard with a group of other graduates and we eat all together while catching up on both our work and personal lives. I’ve found this is also a great way to learn about what else is going on around the business.

1.30 PM

After lunch is usually when I get a chance to sit at my desk and work on my projects. I consolidate the business requirements I’ve gathered earlier in the morning, and work on figuring out possible solutions with our architects and developers. I work on functional specs that can be quite tricky and can get pretty technical, but my degree has helped in piecing it all together, including understanding how a developer might code this solution, or what systems this project affects and how.

Coles Loredana Perris working on her desk

3.00 PM

I meet my mentor for half an hour. We use this time to discuss how my week is going. We talk about different challenges or development areas that I may be facing or wanting advice on. It’s great having the insight and guidance from someone outside of my usual team.

3.30 PM

I get together with my business area as we attend a session run by our general manager called ‘All Hands’. This is a great opportunity to get an update on our strategy and where we are headed moving forward. It is also an opportunity for recognising individual efforts over the last month and it is good to hear what everyone else is working on as well.

4.00 PM

I’m currently part of a pilot group that is running across all teams in Digital to allow for upskilling and technical training and development in the areas of our choice. I like to block out a half hour or so to focus on my personal development. At the moment I’m expanding the skills I obtained from my degree in Javascript, hoping to go from a global rating of proficient to expert. We are supported by our managers in continuing to improve and develop.

5.00 PM

After work, I get into my gym gear and head to my reformer pilates class. This has become one of my favourite parts of my day as it allows my mind to switch off. 

7.30 PM

Time to head home but first, I stop off at my local Liquorland store to see the system update we had just deployed and to grab a cheeky bottle of Pinot Noir to have at dinner. 

9.00 PM

I’ve jumped into bed to binge watch my new favourite TV show – Brooklyn 99 – with a face mask on

10.00 PM

Sleep time!